The Joint Nordic Vision 2030

NSRS contribute to the Nordics taking a lead in the sustainability transition, and thereby becoming a pioneer by showcasing what integration between countries can look like.
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Transition as a competitive advantage

A Nordic Sustainability Reporting Standard (NSRS) for SME's make it easy for larger companies to calculate climate impact in their whole value chain. For all the accountants in the three countries, the standard make it easy to seize new business opportunity. Moreover, for governments it is easier to get a momentum in policy-work and integrate it as a part of public purchases.
Investors, on the other hand, have a simple tool to calculate climate risk. Finally, the standard make it easier for consumers to buy climate friendly. A NSRS for SME's contribute to climate neutrality, green investment, and circular economy. It ensure competitiveness amongst SME’s, in the Nordic region as well as globally.
The influence of standards on the Nordic economies has proven to be a powerful tool in order to ensure a sustainable economy, but with this standard we reinforce growth and value creation in the social and environmental sectors as well.
“Joining forces across borders will eventually make the final standard more user-friendly and relevant for the end-users, which in turn will make the sustainable transition simplified for all the SME’s in the region.”
Member of the NSRS board

We believe a Nordic collaboration and the NSRS for SME’s contribute to establish a greener Nordic region, a competitive Nordic region, and a socially sustainable Nordic region.

We use the strength of the Norwegian, Swedish and Finish accounting organisations in the interest of climate and society, at the same time as we secure the long term profits for SME’s in the region. We achieve results by engaging people, organisations and companies, in addition to government officials in our multistakeholder process. The cooperation between Regnskap Norge, Taloushallintoliitto and Srf konsulterna is a proven success. We already have a track record for
developing common principles for accounting and payroll in the three countries. The organisations has developed similar common principles for sustainability reporting. Further, cross border transactions and merges between companies in the Nordic region will have to have a common reporting standard for sustainability as a part of the evaluation of the transaction or the due diligence process.