• Users: SME's
    The standard is designed for SME's in the Nordic region.
  • Primary-users: Accountants
    The standard is designed to be used by accountants in order to support their clients; SME's.
  • End-users
    The standard serve the following actors with the needed information for their decision-making processes; Investors, Banks, Consumers, Large Companies and Governments.

For SME's in the Nordics

The NSRS offer a simple and tangible guide and toolbook for your accountant, so you can get the help you need to stay up to date on your sustainability reporting.
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  • Stay relevant in public and private tendering processes
  • Classify for green loans with competitive interest
  • Add value for your consumers
  • Stay up to date in the fluctuating regulative landscape
  • Use the standard as a transition tool for your business
Today's standards for sustainability reporting have been developed with the large companies in mind and are difficult to transfer to smaller companies.
Leonard Breukers
Member of the NSRS board

For Accountants in the Nordics

In many cases the accountant is the closest advisor for SME’s. We have developed a process where you as an accountant can:
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  • Add a service to your core activities
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the green economy
  • Extend your knowledge base in regards of the green transition
  • Be a change-maker
The transition from a linear to a circular economy is an important element in the standard.
Hans Christian Ellefsen
Chair of the NSRS board

You who are seeking the non-financial data

For investors, large companies, banks, government, consumers and other stakeholders who are seeking insight into non-financial data in the SME they are involved with.
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  • Easier for you to collect non-financial data
  • Comparability between actors
  • Easier to develop targets and goals
  • Be a change-maker