A sustainability reporting standard for Nordic SME's.

The 1st Edition of the Nordic Sustainability Reporting Standard is launched! The standard is the first one on the market customed for small and medium size businesses.

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What is NSRS?

A standard with the small ones in mind

This project aims to develop a sustainability reporting standard with the smaller companies in mind, but comparable with established international standards. The complex transformation from a linear to a circular economy will be an important element addressed in the standard. The standard will be used by professional accountants to help their clients to measure their circularity and document this in their sustainability reports. Why is a standard crucial for the transition to a circular and green economy, you might wonder? Read more about that and other related topics in the background section.
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Our multidisciplinary team has been handpicked to ensure a versatile range of perspectives, disciplines and interests.
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Focus Areas

The focus areas for NSRS can be divided in the following main areas:
"Participatory methods, system innovation, design thinking and service design will ensure interdisciplinarity and relevant end-user understanding."
Marthe Sofie L. Eide
System Designer, NSRS

Nordic Accountant Federation

We are joining forces across borders to simplify sustainability reporting
for SMEs in the Nordic region.

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