September 27, 2021

The NSRS board – A Nordic Collaboration

The NSRS board represents a Nordic collaboration that will ensure the focus on people, planet and profit in the Nordic region.

The board's responsibility is to ensure the progression of Nordic Sustainability Reporting Standard (NSRS). The board will set goals for the standard, organize the work and exercise control. The board will supervise the activity of the standard.  

Board structure

NSRS is a project by Nordic Accountant Federation (NAF) funded by Nordic Innovation.

The NSRS board represents a Nordic collaboration. Hans Christian Ellefsen, Leader Technology & Innovation at Regnskap Norge, has been elected board leader. In addition, the board consists of Roland Sigbladh, CEO at Srf konsulterna, Jari Seppa, CEO at TAL, and Christine Lundberg Larsen, COO at ECIT.

The board also has its own secretariat, and will  establish an expert group that contributes to the development of the standard.

NAF – A Nordic Collaboration

The Nordic Accountant Federation (NAF) is the association for the Nordic accounting organizations in Sweden, Finland and Norway; Regnskap Norge, TAL and Srf konsulterna.

NAF’s main goal is to promote high professional and ethical standards among accountants.

Regnskap Norge, TAL and Srf konsulterna have successfully created common principles for accounting and payroll in the three countries. The organizations will develop similar common principles for sustainability reporting.

Srf konsulterna

Srf konsulterna is the association of Swedish Accounting and Payroll consultants and was formed in 1936.


The Finnish Financial Management Association (TAL) is the Finnish industry association for authorized companies.

Regnskap Norge

Regnskap Norge is the association for authorized accountants in Norway and function as a knowledge hub.

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