June 1, 2022

Sustainability facilitates new business in Tranås

Ekonomibyrån in Tranås is one of the accounting firms that now turns sustainability reporting according to NSRS into business.

- We learned a lot by reporting on sustainability on behalf of our own company first. Now we are in the final phase of setting the routines and adjusting the service so that it is sellable to the client, says Jerry Fager, partner, authorized accounting consultant and certified business advisor.

The advantage and disadvantage of working in NSRS are the same, says Jerry Fager. The scope which includes social, economic and environmental aspects, ensures that the completed sustainability report is thorough. The report disclose the status of the company and visualize what effects different measures have.

The NSRS Implementation Tool provides measurable sustainability results – data that large companies such as PEAB and ATEA already require today when hiring a subcontractor.

- If you follow the NSRS process from start to finish, you cover everything. The scope also means that the process can be perceived as quite extensive. In the beginning, we did not realize how much is included if you want to make a complete sustainability report. But if you do a thorough job, you not only get a report, but you also get insights into how you can adjust the business to really improve your sustainability work, says Jerry Fager.

New business

The decision to start with sustainability reporting according to NSRS as a service rest on commercial considerations. Ekonomibyråns clients need sustainability reporting to secure and develop their business. If not today, then at least sooner than they themselves realize. This applies especially to clients in the construction sector and the transport sector, according to the management of Ekonomibyrån.

The accounting industry have reporting knowledge. Of course, we can also make sustainability reports. And if we do not start doing it now, someone will take that market away from us, says Jerry Fager, creative leader and coach at Ekonomibyrån.

- Here we are somewhat ahead of our clients, but we must be proactive. When our customers tell us that clients requires them to deliver a sustainability report, we should be able to provide that service. The business community, especially all small business owners, will need a lot of help on this matter. Sustainability reporting make new business possible, including a large amount of consulting hours. It is also a door opener for additional assignments.

First client

The first company Ekonomibyrån will help with sustainability reporting according to NSRS will be a well-motivated client whose routines and processes are well known. Ekonomibyrån can lead the project, but not own it. Ekonomibyrån believe that the feedback related to client value and the experience from the first external assignment will be extra important, to further refine the continued delivery.

The client must appoint a resource of their own that will be responsible to produce certain KPIs. The management must be prepared to set and focus on new goals. Together with an adviser from Ekonomibyrån, if they so wish.

- A lot of big questions a raised when working on sustainability. Is our companyenvironmentally, socially, and economically sustainable? If not, how can webecome sustainable? These are questions we can help our clients with, in a waythat also provide a better financial result. That must be our goal, says Jerry.

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