October 19, 2021

SMEs: Key Drivers of the Green Transition

From Hans Ellefsen, the chairman of NSRS, the Nordic Sustainability Reporting Standard:

SMEs are responsible for 60 % of the emissions in the EU. SMEs are a large part of the businesses in the Nordic region. So SMEs matters when it comes to ensuring a sustainable future.

Early in 2020 Regnskap Norge, SRF Konsultarna and TAL saw the need SMEs had for reporting on their sustainability in an efficient matter. On our side, we have had great help and funding from Nordic Innovation.

The existing sustainability standards are complex and not tailored for SMEs at all. With that in mind, we wanted to develop a reporting standard with both SMEs and their accountants in mind.  

We did not want to create yet another standard. Hence, we have incorporated elements of well known standards such as GRI and TCFD, but with an 11 step process to ensure that SMEs can use it effectively with limited resources.  

We are happy to announce that the standard is now ready to use. It has undergone pilot testing in the Nordic countries to ensure relevance and ease of use.

Never done this before? With the standard we will guide you through the process.

Good luck with your sustainability report for SMEs!

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