September 14, 2020

NSRS is live!

What is NSRS? Why a new standard? For whom is NSRS and how to use it? Follow for news, updates and reports.

Recently it was announced that The Nordic Accountant Federation (NAF) has received funding to develop a standard for sustainability reporting for small and medium-sized companies in the Nordic region. The standard is scheduled to be launched in February 2021.

The NSRS-project has already started. Participatory methodologies, system innovation, design thinking and service design will ensure interdisciplinarity and relevant end-user understanding. In addition, the project strives to gather as many relevant actors as possible for this Nordic collaborative effort.  

“The Nordic region is small in the global context. This makes it feasible to test run a standard in our region before improving and scaling it. The Nordic region has the potential to pave the way for a European and global transition in the longer term", says Kaja Koppang, project manager and sustainability expert for NSRS.

NSRS makes it easy small companies to deliver on sustainability

The project has been funded under Nordic Innovation's call for proposals: Circular Cities & New Circular Solutions.

"We are very pleased with the diversity of topics, activities and countries in this call. The seven selected projects all show great potential, and we see that they will contribute to strengthening the ecosystems within the circular economy in the Nordics, as well as new circular processes”, said Hanna Törmänen, Innovation Advisor at Nordic Innovation, in connection with the announcement.

17 projects applied for funding from Nordic Innovation. NSRS is one of seven projects that share a total of NOK 14,426,883.

“The Nordic accounting industry has always supported the SME-market. The three accounting organizations in Norway (Accounting Norway), Sweden (Srf konsulterna) and Finland (TAL) in NAF, will create a standard that makes it easy for the smaller companies to deliver on sustainability. The support from Nordic Innovation enables this comprehensive process we are now diving into,” says Christine Lundberg Larsen, CEO of Accounting Norway.

Follow for news, updates and reports.

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