October 14, 2021

New milestones for NSRS

The NSRS project is moving forward and is reaching some key milestones in its process.

Moving to the design stage where we reached a prototype, we quickly moved to test stage.The NSRS project group hand-picked test pilots from the Nordic markets, who tested the standard during the spring of 2021.

After receiving feedback from test-pilots, the NSRS project group begun to revise the standard to optimize it for the SME market. Economic and social KPI ́s have been frequent feedback from the test pilots, as well as some wording and categorization.

We are now at the stage where there will be some editing of the different tools and some new social and economic aspects will be added to the standard.

Once the editing is done, we are ready for the next milestone, which is launching it to the public. The NSRS project group is confident to have the editing finalized and ready for the public to use by mid October, stay tuned!

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