May 13, 2022

"Make sustainability your business now - or someone else will"

- A year ago, I started to seriously connect sustainability reporting with the accounting industry and our clients. Today I realize that either we help our clients now, or someone else will do it for us. - Olle Rydqvist, chair of the Srf konsulterna board and co-founder and partner at PE Accounting.

By 2023 PE Accounting plan to offer a complete sustainability reporting package in accordance to NSRS.

PE Accounting collaborates with GO Climate in terms of climate reporting. Now they focus on automatizing companies' reporting on carbon dioxide emissions. A specially programmed computer at PE Accounting is fed with the clients' basic accounting. It calculates how much carbon dioxide business trips by cars, trains, and airplanes cause. What the computer cannot code is adjusted manually. PE Accounting propose measures based on the results. As follows, the emissions can be measured, and differences analyzed from year to year.

Available to everyone

- With NSRS sustainability reporting is available to everyone. The Excel document is quite magical and makes the whole procedure very hands-on. In 2022 we will make our own sustainability report according to NSRS and then run some pilot cases with suitable clients. We will use the experiences we get from the piloting when developing our sustainability package. Sustainability reporting will of course be included in our quotation templates, says Olle Rydqvist.

The goal is that the sustainability report is integrated in the annual report.

- There are three very strong arguments behind the sustainability report: 1. It includes important future issues that you want to measure and influence, 2. Large companies that already face legal requirements for sustainability reporting, will demand information and data from their suppliers - the SMEs, and 3. The upcoming taxonomy includes requirements for reporting indirect climate effects.

Economists with a focus on sustainability

The accounting industry is leaning more and more towards consulting.

- With sustainability reporting the accountants have an opportunity to take the lead in a new form of advisory that is close to people's hearts. We already are the clients' trusted advisors on financial issues. The accountants are the natural business partners, also in this context.

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