January 26, 2023

Impress your stakeholders - free report template

Do you want to wow your stakeholders with your sustainability report? Download the NSRS Report Template.

Though the NSRS Report Index is sufficient when presenting the sustainability report to stakeholders, some wish to add a visual appeal to the report.

NSRS now launch the NSRS Report Template. The template is an easy-to-use Power Point-template that allows you to present your sustainability report with a professional and stylish look.

The template offers different page layouts. You are free to choose which layouts you want to use and what information you wish to highlight. Also, you can change the colors of the template to match your company’s visual identity.

Simply copy and paste information from the NSRS Report Index into the template and save the documents as a PDF file. Voilà, the report is ready to be distributed to all key stakeholders and on the organization’s communication platforms.

Download the template

The NSRS Template in action

Want to see an example of the NSRS Report Template in action? The Norwegian accounting firm Aider recently distributed its first sustainability report according to NSRS Level 1. Aider used the NSRS Report Template to present its report.

See Aider’s sustainability report and get inspired

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